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Why to work with us on ecosystem services?

The concept of ecosystem services is relatively new - especially in Central and Eastern Europe -, however we have already had a big chunk of involvement in participating in related processes including the international IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) and the EU's Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services (MAES) processes along with several EU (FP7, Horizon 2020, Interreg and LIFE projects) and EU expert groups. In our recent ecosystem evaluation projects, we have paid elevated emphasis on involving local stakeholders as well as experts in the evaluation process through participatory approach in order to get better results.

Due to our vast knowledge in UN, EU and national energy, environmental and financial policies, we are here to investigate and disclose the policy hooks and the financial opportunities as well as their recent development in relation to your international project. With a profound understanding of policies and financing as well as their recent trends, you can become an even more agile and highly adaptive player through discovering opportunities you may not have been aware of. We can compile regular briefings in recent and potential policy developments and international financing opportunities for you to follow changes, or we can compose synthesis studies on one or more policy and financing fields.

As certified facilitators and advisors running almost 100 international and national workshops, we can nurture processes from plans to successful completion. With our basic values of candour, respect of opinion and mindful listening, we can make all participants comfortable to share their points openly, which in return help their empowerment and responsibility to carry out the project till the finish.

About Ecosystem Services Evaluation

Assessing ecosystem services gives an overview on how much nature and the services it provides are essential to the operation of our economies and societies. There is, however no economic or monetary estimate of ecosystem services with absolute validity. Therefore any valuation exercise needs to be context-related as well as including non monetary, socio-economic estimation in order to contribute to sustainable economies and societies. For this very reason, we are striving to provide complex, multidisciplinary and participatory approach that analyses ecosystem services with stakeholders involvement from as many perspectives as possible. 

How can we contribute?

We provide complex services starting from procurement through policy expertise and scientific assessments to result in integration, dissemination and process facilitation.


We lead processes and events ensuring adequate stakeholders input.

Policy expertise

We provide policy expertise (briefs, policy analysis, policy recommendations) in terms of environmental, climate change and sustainability policy at EU and international levels.


We conduct both quantitative and qualitative assessments of ecosystem services with participatory approach and other scientific methods.


We explore funding opportunities especially in terms of EU Financing Mechanisms (for instance, Horizon 2020, LIFE, Interreg projects) and private donors.

Our experiences

We have been contributing and carrying out several EU, international and national projects and provided expertise at national and EU processes. See below our latest projects and our top qualities.

Our Latest Projects

Assessing socio-economic impacts of LIFE project
December 06, 2018

Posted by Ecosystem Evaluation

Assessing socio-economic impacts of LIFE project

We assessed the socio-economic impacts of a Hungarian conservation project supported by the EU's LIFE framework, Securing prey sources for endangered Falco cherrug and Aquila heliaca population in the Carpathian basin.

Identifying ecosystem services along highway
October 08, 2018

Posted by Ecosystem Evaluation

Identifying ecosystem services along highway

Currently, we are working on identifying and quantifying key ecosystem services potentially affected by a planned highway section in Central and Eastern Europe with the involvement of local experts and residents.

Influencing international biodiversity policies
February 19, 2018

Posted by Ecosystem Evaluation

Influencing international biodiversity policies

As representers of an international conservation network organization, we influenced and contributed for 10 years to the formulation and implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the intergovernmental Pan-European Biodiversity Strategy as well as the global Biodiversity Strategy of the Conv

Our strength

We provide you with flexible prices below the market price. Should you be interested in partnering up with us, please send us a message.

Due to our cumulative 20 years of international experience we have an extended network of decision-makers, research and businesses at EU and CEE levels.

We work with a professional network, who can answer your specific questions, let it be about technical or strategic issues to provide you with a complex service experience.

As native Hungarians and experts of the region we are well aware of the challenges of the region - should you need specific work here, we are your right choice.

Our core value is efficiency and effectiveness, which we aim to achieve through time (and money)-saving practices including immediate reactions, thorough preparations and modern project management practices.

We highly depend on our clients, therefore our other core value is to customize tailor-make services to our clients and provide the services our clients truly need and is useful for them.

As a result of our experience, we have thorough knowledge of all these sectors challenges and needs as well as their main actors. We also aim to tear down the silos and ensure these sectors can reach each other’s information.

We know how annoying it is that you are only provided by one piece of information, when you rather would need a complex overview. By providing strategy analysis, project implementation and proposal advice along with financial and policy opportunities, you will get a more thorough picture on both risks and opportunities.

We would like to make sure you are provided with a thorough analysis, but also with a synthesis that stresses the main messages in an easily understandable way, so you will not need another expert to explain it to you.

More then 10 years experiences.

Our team

Veronika is to receive her PhD on environmental economics after 10 years of research and policy experience in the international environmental arena working with the UN, the European Union and national governments. Her key expertise lies in sustainability as well as in ecosystem services quantitative evaluation. She is also an ardent mountain climber and a mum of two.

Agnes has been an expert of the European Commission and several international NGOs on ecosystems, green infrastructure, nature-based solutions and climate change adaptation. Her key expertise are related to qualitative ecosystem services evaluation and environmental policies. She is also a certified organisational developer and facilitator, and a language enthusiast currently working on Chinese proficiency.

Veronika Kiss

Veronika is in her last year to receive her PhD on environmental economics after 10 years of research and policy experience in the internati…

Veronika Kiss


Agnes Zolyomi

Agnes has been an expert of the UN, European Commission and several international NGOs on ecosystems and nature-based solutions, currently p…

Agnes Zolyomi


Who inspired Us

Several people and associations from the business world inspired us to work for ecosystem services. See below some examples:.


Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.