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Influenced and contributed to the implementation of the global Biodiversity Strategy

Influencing international biodiversity policies

Influencing international biodiversity policies

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Posted By: Tibor Janosi-Mozes

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Influencing international biodiversity policies

As representers of an international conservation network organization, we influenced and contributed for 10 years to the formulation and implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the intergovernmental Pan-European Biodiversity Strategy as well as the global Biodiversity Strategy of the Convention on Biological Diversity. We carried out professional advocacy work in order to put the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and the services they provide higher on the international political agenda. Furthermore, we ensured to activate participation of nature protection NGOs in the development as well as in the implementation phases of these two important strategies. In addition, we also represented Central and Eastern Europe in many international scientific biodiversity policy platform including the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and the European Habitats Forum and the Bern Convention of the Council of Europe. Read more about our contribution in relation to global Biodiversity Strategy here and to the Pan-European Biodiversity Strategy here.

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