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Identifying ecosystem services along highway

Identifying ecosystem services along highway

Posted In: Ecology

Posted By: Ágnes Zólyomi

Tags: Hungary, Project

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Identifying ecosystem services along highway

Currently, we are working on identifying and quantifying key ecosystem services potentially affected by a planned highway section in Central and Eastern Europe with the involvement of local experts and residents. To achieve the project goals, we worked out a methodology to collect data both through quantitative and qualitative manners to assess ecosystem services. We compiled a background study on data related to local ecosystem services, environmental attributes, socio-economic figures and relevant national, regional as well as international policies. Furthermore, in order to reveal the key ecosystem services for the locals, we delivered stakeholder mapping, deep interviews with key stakeholders and surveys using preference assessments. Based on the data collection's results, we quantified key ecosystem services and validated them with local experts through interactive focus group workshops. Finally, we develop recommendations for the regional and EU policies, which can help to make more adequate decisions for sustainability. Read more about the project and our contribution to it here.

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